Myllesheim is a Working Malinois kennel in the village Mill in the Netherlands that is owned by:

Bart and Odilia van Beusekom.

Jessy & Oscar Myllesheim in training for Policedog KNPV PH-1.


from left to right photo's of Jessy-Oscar Myllesheim


Oscar Myllesheim 15 months old in march 2008

training Mondioring at the Club in France with Roland Huber



Our breedingtarget is:

Healthy, Social, Excellent Workingdogs according to the Racestandard with FCI papers.

Our Malinois puppy's come from the best bloodlines of Europe,

Parents and Greatparents: HD-free, CQN, RING, MONDIORING, IPO, SchH & KNPV.

All our knowledge (KK-1 & 2 & Certificated instructor DogVision) we put in our breeding, the right food, upbringing en training:

 IPO, SchH & Policedogsport KNPV; we train with all our breedingbitches.

From previous litters the dogs works excellent in KNPV, BHN, IPO, SchH & Frisbee.

We BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) our dogs with Duck-Naturefood



Jessy Myllesheim 13 weeks old in France


Jessy Myllesheim 1,5 years later doing Mondioring in France with Roland Huber


Kova Kanuuna Myllesheim (Oiva) and Minna Hokkanen at 01-03-2008 won the Finnish Skijourning Championships 2008

Mischka Myllesheim Bundessieger 2006




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